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Trivial Pursuit Hotel: the first hotel ever where guests pay with knowledge

An innovative hotel marketing concept to reach new customers and markets


  15, May 2019

 Tags: Hotel Stories

Working closely with the advertising agency Leo Burnett Moscow, the American toys and board game company “Hasbro” recently launched an innovative hotel concept. Based on the strategy of the game “Trivial Pursuit”, in which winning is determined by a player’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions, Hasbro has decided to bring the board game to life and created the Trivial Pursuit Hotel.

Gamification: new opportunities for hoteliers

The trend of gamification in the hotel industry introduces new opportunities for hoteliers. Game elements can be integrated throughout the entire customer journey to increase a customers’ participation, commitment and loyalty. By focusing on metrics, such as enjoyability, hotels are developing competitive advantage and at the same time establishing a new data source that can be used to develop new business models. This very special hotel concept by Hasbro provides a more enjoyable experience for both guests and employees, especially for board game fanatics.

A stroke of genius, this imaginative marketing campaign has everything, from creating a unique concept to a strong potential for going viral. People these days want to go on new adventures, stay informed and they talk a lot about the importance of general knowledge. That’s exactly what the Trivial Pursuit Hotel offers its customers. Not to mention, they want to have fun — and do something different!

Top level of comfort for those who really know a lot 

trivial-pursuit-hotel-roomBedroom in the Trivial Pursuit Hotel

So how does it work? The cottage is located about 45 kilometers outside of Moscow on the premises of the four-star Svezhy Veter Country Hotel complex. Everything inside can be paid for by answering questions from the game. The quality of the stay and the amenities offered depend on the brainpower guests use to answer questions from the Trivial Pursuit game. The right answers can lead to a four-star experience, whereas wrong answers will leave customers wishing they were staying in a hostel…

Let’s look at this in practice. The Trivial Pursuit Hotel offers comfortable bedrooms, but only for those who know how many tributaries the Danube has, for example. It also provides a modern home cinema and sauna, but only for film buffs who aren’t stumped by questions such as what director is called “King of suspense”. And as for dining, those guests who know their béchamel from their hollandaise sauce are more likely to earn the chance to enjoy haute cuisine or a tasty barbeque.

Luxurious Hotel or Basic Hostel? Each answer leads either to an up- or downgrade

trivial-pursuit-hotel-marketing-questionsExamples of Questions at the Trivial Pursuit Hotel

The Trivial Pursuit Hotel is a true paradise for lovers of riddles, with the room category being assigned depending on their mental agility, without having to pay a single cent for it. To open the door to their hotel room, they will have to answer questions like “Who was the first cartoon character created by Walt Disney”. But the clever marketing tactics start long before the guest actually arrives at the hotel. In order to complete the request for a reservation online, visitors must already start answering questions to prove their general knowledge prowess. And more importantly, share the post on social media. Brilliant. Remember the viral element I mentioned earlier?

Ingenious marketing at its best

This hotel invention shows a very creative way to boost interest and sales for products that have been on the market for over 30 years. Thanks to the uniqueness of the concept and the subsequent buzz on social media, the campaign reaches a wider audience and helps to connect the brand with a new generation that is looking for unmatched travel experiences. In today’s digital age, people’s attention is being drawn to hundreds of different messages every minute. A creative concept is key to making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Hasbro and Leo Burnett Moscow will be welcoming guests to the Trivial Pursuit Hotel between May 20th and June 14th. What will be your next creative marketing campaign to make your hotel brand stand out from the crowd?

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