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Learn From the Best: THN’s Global Hotel Direct Booking Rankings

Unveiling the hotel brands leading the way in terms of benchmarking and direct channel growth



  21, Jun 2023

 Tags: Best Practices Conversion Benchmarking

In today's fiercely competitive hospitality industry, having a robust direct channel strategy becomes paramount to achieving success. As hotels strive to optimize their performance and craft a unique and compelling online experience for guests, it becomes crucial for them to understand how they fare against their competitors. This is where benchmarking, armed with key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, emerges as a game-changer.

By leveraging a robust benchmarking platform like BenchDirect, hotels can unlock a wealth of knowledge to fine-tune their direct channel strategies, pinpoint areas for improvement, optimize revenue strategies and maintain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving market.

DBI blog - Sneak peek of THN’s BenchDirect platform-2

Sneak peek of THN’s BenchDirect platform


Curious to know which hotel brands in THN’s network are the top performers? 

Allow us to introduce you to The Global Hotel Direct Booking Ranking. Drawing upon a vast dataset collected from a network of over 19,000 hotels, this ranking utilizes the Direct Booking IndexTM (DBI) to measure the direct booking performance of hotel brands in 2022. To facilitate the study, the brands were categorized into three groups (small, medium and large) based on the number of properties within each chain. Furthermore, an additional ranking was established at the individual property level to provide a comprehensive analysis.

What is Direct booking index (DBI) definition


  • Large chains with 100+ propertiesRanking large chains

Commencing with the ranking of hotel chains boasting over 100 properties, congratulations go to Minor Hotels for securing the top spot, followed by The Ascott Limited, and Strawberry.

By leveraging BenchDirect, these hotel brands can effectively benchmark their direct channel performance across multiple KPIs and use the insights to make data-driven decisions. As the top-performing large brand in this ranking, Minor Hotels has successfully implemented a well-defined and effective strategy for expanding their brand's direct booking channel. As an example, they displayed a personalized Layer on the homepage of their Anantara properties, targeting visitors who are considering a shorter stay. By offering an exclusive discount for booking more nights, the hotel encourages guests to extend their stay, resulting in a notable increase in direct conversion rates and revenue. 

DBI blog - Layer on the Homepage promoting longer stays

Layer on the Homepage promoting longer stays


  • Medium chains with 11-100 propertiesRanking medium chains
For the ranking study, we also evaluated the performance of medium-sized brands in terms of their direct channel and identified the Top 3 brands to be Servigroup Hotels, followed by Frasers Hospitality, and VOI Hotels. Let's give a round of applause to these outstanding performers!


  • Small chains with 2-10 propertiesRanking small chains

And now, it's time to recognize the direct booking leaders among hotel chains with 2 to 10 properties. Drum roll please… and the winner is Gran Isla Hotels, setting a remarkable example. Following closely behind are Padma Hotels and Wincome Hospitality.

By harnessing the insights collected and analyzed through BenchDirect, the champions in each category, along with thousands of other hotels worldwide, are unlocking a realm of opportunities to fine-tune their strategies for direct channel growth, enhance revenue management practices, and elevate their brand's position in the market.

Are you curious to discover how your hotel brand measures up against the local market and similar hotels? Sign up for BenchDirect today, and enjoy free, lifetime access to unique competitive insights and real-time direct channel benchmarking.


Discover the DBI rankings for small, medium & large hotel brands Discover the DBI rankings for individual hotels in each region


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