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A THN Update: Let’s Keep Growing Together

We have secured 10M€ in series B funding to help hotels worldwide grow their direct booking channel

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  10, Jun 2020

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Since the very beginning, we have aimed to create a tech ecosystem for hoteliers and to become a pioneer in a new hotel-tech category, direct channel growth for hotels around the world. Doubling down on our commitment to the hospitality industry, we have raised 10M euros in new funding to ensure we can continue to support all our clients in the long term.

It is certain that most of the hospitality industry has found themselves in limbo during recent months. However, as firm believers in the power of working together, we haven’t paused for a moment. Instead we’ve poured our hearts into finding areas in which we could provide assistance and developing original solutions for hoteliers.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s challenging environment, hotel brands will have to develop a strong channel. This is something that we believe in so passionately that we will use the new funding to build the products hotels need to achieve this within the new context.

Juanjo Rodriguez, CEO at THN, explained, The usage of our product by our clients increased 120% during the first weeks of the crisis, which indicates just how essential it is, especially now. Hoteliers are using our solutions to personalize the end-to-end online experience and communicate with guests when it matters most. It’s about reassuring travelers while rekindling their imagination, right from the first moment they start dreaming about a trip again.

Our attention has been always been focused around the goals and needs of hoteliers; it’s the driving force behind the products we build and what energizes our team. As of today, already more than 5,000 hotels in 96 countries use the THN platform to grow their direct bookings. This rapid expansion over the past years, as well as the strengthened relationship with customers during these difficult times, demonstrate the value THN’s innovative products brings.

Knowing that what we do is transforming direct booking strategies and stimulating demand, but above all because we care, we are confident we can become the most trusted partner in growth for hoteliers worldwide. With this additional funding in hand, we will continue to support the recovery of our industry by building powerful, new technology for our hotel clients, not just a better version of existing solutions.

Hospitality is about caring for your guests, welcoming them to your hotel just as you would welcome family to your home. Hospitality is personal and we are proud to be in hospitality, all the way.

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