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The Secret to Summertime Success on Your Hotel’s Website

Leverage timely promotions to maximize early summer bookings



  16, May 2024

 Tags: Best Practices Direct Bookings Conversion

Summer is just around the corner, are your direct channel campaigns ready to make the most of the busy season ahead? From enticing discounts to ingenious booking incentives, we explore the effective tactics hotels are using to attract attention and drive direct bookings leading up to this pivotal time of year. Join us as we uncover some of the most innovative strategies to kick off early summer promotions and gear up for a bustling 2024 season.

Sun, Serenity, and Specials: GIF-Powered Summer Promos

Alaya Hotel Bali masterfully employs a dynamic Layer with an engaging GIF to promote its summer offers, optimized for both desktop and mobile users. This campaign showcases the hotel's tranquil resort environment through a visually appealing GIF that features lush surroundings and a peaceful pool area.  The promotion is particularly enticing due to the unique perks it offers, such as a complimentary massage or airport transfer for guests who book extended stays. These benefits not only provide a compelling value proposition but also showcase the resort’s luxurious amenities, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a relaxing summer getaway.

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Animated layer with countdown clock highlighting direct booking perks


Crafting Unforgettable Family Summer Experiences

The Bonnington Dublin Hotel has effectively tapped into the summer travel excitement with its "Summer Family Breaks" campaign. This campaign promotes a selection of family-friendly activities, appealing broadly to guests looking for both adventure and relaxation. The approach provides a quick glimpse into potential family fun, coupled with a direct call to action for more information, making it easy for visitors to envision their holiday. By highlighting family-oriented activities during the peak summer months, Bonnington Dublin positions itself as a prime choice for family accommodations in the city.

Message highlighting Summer Break packages


A Strategic Exit to Lock in Summer Stays

Hotel Doppio from Austria Trend Hotels skillfully leverages the summer travel boom with an appealing Exit message offering a 30% discount on direct reservations. This strategy smartly targets guests as they are about to leave the website, effectively engaging visitors at a critical decision-making point, which boosts conversion rates and directly influences summer booking volumes. Highlighting key benefits such as a flexible cancellation policy makes the offer highly attractive and caters to diverse customer preferences. The promotion is also designed to encourage longer stays, with a minimum three-night booking required to fully benefit from the direct channel advantages.


Exit message displaying an exclusive Summer Deal 


Mobile Countdown to a Spanish Summer Getaway

In the heart of Spain, Kora Hotel has adeptly implemented a vibrant and interactive Layer to promote its summer offerings to their mobile website visitors. Recognizing that mobile visitors frequently exit the site without booking, often intending to return later, this message features a countdown clock to inject a sense of urgency into the booking process, appealing to mobile users to make a swift decision. By blending exclusivity with the property’s top selling points, Kora Hotel positions itself as the premier destination for an unforgettable city break in Spain, effectively driving mobile conversions and boosting summer bookings.


Mobile layer displaying a limited time offer  

Early summer offers are a powerful tool for hotels looking to increase visibility and bookings during this competitive season. Whether it's through dynamic visual layers, tailored discounts, or strategic promotional timing, each hotel can creatively use these techniques to appeal to their target audiences. As summer approaches, these strategies not only enhance the guest experience but also solidify the hotel's brand presence in the market. With the right approach, early summer can be a period of significant growth and opportunity for website conversions and more direct revenue!

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