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The Hotels Network Unveils Industry-First Cookieless Personalization Suite



In response to the evolving digital environment, The Hotels Network (THN), a direct growth platform for hotels, proudly unveils its personalization suite that operates entirely without third-party cookies—a first in the industry. This groundbreaking development represents a significant leap forward in the realm of digital marketing, addressing the shifting landscape where third-party cookie usage is on the decline.

A future-proof approach

Over the past two years, THN has invested in extensive research and development to create a cutting-edge platform that relies on AI models instead of cookies. With the imminent phase-out of third-party cookies, this forward-thinking approach eliminates the reliance on traditional tracking methods and allows hoteliers to confidently implement personalized marketing strategies without compromising on regulatory compliance.

Enhanced targeting

The upgraded platform provides hotel marketers with a more effective approach to connect with visitors through personalized online experiences. The enhancement of targeting and segmentation translates into a seamless direct channel user experience and increased conversion rates.

Pioneering AI

With a commitment to safety and user identification, THN's machine learning models stand out by significantly reducing collisions and ensuring identity consistency across a vast user base of 150 million yearly visitors, particularly on mobile devices. The technology further enhances THN’s Predictive Personalization platform, equipping hoteliers with improved segmentation and more impactful engagement strategies.

VP of Data Science at The Hotels Network, Albert Pujol, emphasized the cutting-edge nature of this development, “At THN, we have pushed the boundaries of machine learning by leveraging our unique advantage of having access to billions of web page visits across our network.” He added, “This has enabled us to develop an innovative AI architecture that has learned to reconstruct the navigation paths of website visitors in real-time with unprecedented accuracy, without relying on cookies and ensuring user privacy at all times.”

This innovative technology will be seamlessly deployed to all existing THN customers, allowing current users to immediately benefit from these advancements without disrupting their ongoing operations. As THN continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge solutions, it sets a new standard that redefines the landscape of online user experience in the hospitality industry.

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