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Creative hotel campaigns to capture your domestic market

A sneak peek into our inspirational summer guide

  23, Jun 2021

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Summer 2021 is here! And we know travelers couldn’t be more excited!

Although there are positive signs that the return to normalcy is within reach, there are still many border restrictions in place and so domestic travel will be a vital source of revenue for hotels this summer.

Travelers who want to avoid uncertainty and complications are likely to opt for a vacation in their own country as the best choice for escaping their daily routine. To ensure a successful summer season, it’s important for hoteliers to take the appropriate steps to capitalize on this growing opportunity.

With so many options out there, simply marketing your hotel rooms as before may not be enough to capture their interest. Knowing that thinking outside the box is not always easy, we’ve put together an inspirational guide showcasing 8 of our favorite marketing campaigns from travel brands who have found creative ways to attract more local guests. 

Want a little sneak peek? Read on to get a preview of our handy guide...

1. Unconventional dining experiences

Penta Hotels Chambres du Chef promotion

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is a key part of many summer vacations. The excitement of being in a new place and trying new things are all part of the experience. However, as restaurants slowly start to reopen, there’s still uncertainty about indoor dining and seating restrictions that have completely changed the way guests enjoy a meal out.

One novel initiative was the “Chambres du Chef''campaign launched by Penta Hotels at their properties in Belgium. By transforming connecting rooms into a private dining experience, guests at the hotel were able to feel a sense of normalcy and safety, all while enjoying an amazing meal in an intimate setting. Partnering with local restaurants, the hotel was able to provide a unique dining experience for guests that highlighted their personalized service. By offering something unique that was unavailable in most parts of the city at that time, the hotel inspired people to stay with them and attracted new bookings. Selling out in 24 hours most days, this campaign was definitely a hit with local guests!

2. A summer flee pass

Inspiring a sense of summer adventure during the online booking journey can help your guests feel more excited about their upcoming travel plans, and Nordic Choice Hotels is doing just that.

Offering The Summer Flee pass, the brand is encouraging guests to stay at a variety of their properties throughout the summer. Allowing them to choose between 5 or 10 nights and giving them access to all the properties within the group at a fixed discounted rate, guests can choose when and where they travel, creating a sense of freedom for their summer plans. Giving people this price security, with the added flexibility of choosing their dates and destination, helps to reassure guests and ensures that Nordic Choice Hotels are the first choice whenever they feel like a quick getaway this summer.

These two examples are just a preview of the many ways hotels can attract local travelers to their properties this summer. Out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what hoteliers need to focus on in order to create that extra excitement about their brand. Crafting a unique value proposition and communicating it effectively across all your channels will help to stimulate more direct bookings and in turn boost revenue.

Download our full guide today to discover more novel ideas to inspire your hotel marketing campaigns this summer!

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