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SLH Selects The Hotels Network to Boost Brand Channel Conversion

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ is partnering their community of 520 hotels with The Hotels Network to increase reservations on their website and grow their loyalty base.

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  21, Feb 2023

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Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH), a community of 520 independently spirited hotels around the world, has partnered with The Hotels Network (THN), ​​a full-stack direct growth platform for hotels. The SLH team will utilize THN’s product suite to track price disparities in real-time, show website visitors the many benefits of booking with SLH, promote the accolades of their properties, and highlight their complimentary loyalty program, Invited. This time-efficient solution will allow them to personalize their hotel website users’ experiences with tailored messages, proven to boost brand channel performance by increasing website conversion and revenue. 

THN’s international team of hospitality specialists with a deep expertise in conversion optimization is the perfect match for SLH, in order to boost their brand channel performance. THN’s founder, Juanjo Rodriguez, commented, “We’re happy to extend SLH’s vision of tailor-made experiences with personal messaging for their potential bookers, from the moment they arrive on the website. SLH has the highest standards for their hotels, and we’re glad we can offer them top-tier personalization to aid in communicating these values.”

THN’s Conversion and Personalization features will grant SLH complete flexibility to make changes to their website anytime, anywhere. SLH will benefit from: 

  • Real-time price comparison to ensure the brand is able to offer the best rate to their guests, personalized by displaying the most relevant of 25+ OTAs determined by visitor IP address
  • OTA price disparity tracking in real-time, down to the exact user search query 
  • Extensive set of messaging options to deliver personalized messages to website and booking engine visitors
  • Advanced analytics to gauge visitor reactions for website messaging optimization
  • Dedicated customer support team to assist in their success every step of the way 

To understand the effectiveness of THN’s price comparison feature on the SLH website, the brand tested the impact of the tool by conducting an A/B test on their website. The price comparison tool is utilized on their brand channel to allow visitors to compare SLH’s booking rates against OTAs without exiting the website. After one month, SLH experienced a 33% increase in conversion of website visitors that were shown THN’s tool. 


Price comparison feature on the SLH website

Richard Hyde, Chief Operating Officer at SLH, said of the partnership, “We value the quick and seamless integration THN offers when a new hotel joins our brand, as well as the real-time reports that help us monitor price disparities and allow us to take immediate action to ensure we maintain our Best Rate Promise.” 

THN’s features work hand-in-hand with SLH’s vision to offer personalized communication to each of their potential guests on their brand channel, as well as provide continued reassurance that their website visitors are being offered the best possible price and perks, leading to an increase in their website conversion and revenue.


About Small Luxury Hotels of the World™

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) is the most desirable community of independently minded travelers and independently spirited hotels in the world. We turned the luxury boutique hotel into a phenomenon and selected the distinctive, the diverse and the downright delightful. People, places and experiences with individual character, intimate charm and inherent class. We've personally visited, vetted, and verified over 520 hotels in more than 90 countries. We are envisioning a future where people experience the world with intention, experience its intensity and protect its integrity. Be part of the community - join us at:, call or email the Small Luxury Hotels of the World VIP Desk. Click here to view a full contact listing by country.

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