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Revitalizing the world of hospitality for millennials and generation Zs

How CityHub's innovative concepts are attracting the new generations

CityHub Rotterdam Hotel - Deals, Photos & Reviews

  05, Jan 2021

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It’s become an increasingly challenging yet exciting era for hospitality; hotels around the globe are redefining what it means to be a hotel and giving hospitality a new present-day twist. With the turn of our world’s new generations, many hoteliers, both young and seasoned, are developing new tactics in creating hotel environments that challenge the non-contemporary norms of hospitality.

One of the brands paving the way for a new approach to hospitality is the Dutch hotel group CityHub, who is embracing today’s fast-changing state of technology with the concept of a “poshtel,” or a hostel with the luxurious aspects of an upscale hotel. With CityHub’s success gleaming within their Amsterdam and Rotterdam properties, the brand has now expanded its reach to the beautiful city of Copenhagen where they continue to offer their guests an unforgettable and pristine experience. 

Poshtel with a digital twist

More and more hotels worldwide are jumping into adopting new methods and ideas. CityHub has sparked our attention through their innovative hotel concept and different initiatives that have begun attracting young travelers. Centering on today’s digital lifestyle, the brand has created a hub for adventurous Generation Y and Z travelers who crave a city experience with a digital and technological twist. With already a strong influence and buzz in their home country of the Netherlands and now Denmark, CityHub has been continuously expanding and delivering their unique message and experience to an increasing number of visitors.

At THN, we've been keeping a close eye on the increasing popularity of the poshtel trend, but we’ve found that CityHub has taken this innovative concept to the next level. In their “CityHub Global Rollout” plan, the chain highlights their aim of merging their poshtel concept in a way so that its design fits perfectly for the curious and savvy nomad, by creating an international “smart hotel” network. By engaging a smart design, market premium, superior performance with technology, and adaptive reuse, it’s not only an old-school youth hostel but also a tech and luxury heaven. Let’s take a look at a couple of these aspects the chain focuses on and how they add to the ingenuity of the properties themselves.

Market Premium

CITYHUB ROTTERDAM — Studio Modijefsky Interiors

CityHub’s elegant and avant-garde bathrooms

While maintaining the public elements found in hostels, the offerings are incomparable when compared to a typical one. The properties have the feel of futuristic high-end premises with clean, luxurious, and fashionable spaces. While the bedrooms, coined “Hubs” by CityHub, are set in efficient cubicle-like fashion, guests can enjoy just a few steps away the numerous additional amenities including a modern-style bar with a techy twist and an enriching spa experience at the sauna. What’s more, with the properties' clever positions in the city centers of their locations, travelers can walk out of the properties and enjoy an immersive experience within the city.

Smart design & superior performance

A look inside the distinctive rooms of CityHub

Staying true to their image as hospitality pioneers in a progressive world, everything they do is maximized for sustainable efficiency and adaptability. Utilizing technology at its best and with their special concept of a hotel-hostel fusion, the chain is able to keep their costs low while offering an experience and service that rivals any other hotel chain. In addition, with their efficient yet elegant room spacing, CityHub can double the number of rooms compared to a traditional hotel. All in all, CityHub appears to be the clear and established embodiment of one key aspect: maximum efficiency.

CityHub’s hotel-hostel fusion has enabled them to create an impressively attractive, affordable, and exciting experience for the efficient adventurers of today, and their distinctive features tell the different approach they have of hospitality compared to many traditional hotel concepts.

A unique tech strategy

Yet, these unique aspects that define their impressive and one-of-a-kind hospitality culture aren’t the only facets that make CityHub, well, CityHub. Their team of tech-savvy hoteliers have discovered and created ways that fascinatingly merge the most basic concepts of hospitality with the impressive technological features flourishing in our world today. 

With the introduction of younger traveling aficionados and the designing of innovatory concepts into today’s world of hospitality, CityHub embodies the understanding of the new emerging market and works to enhance at their properties the attractions of the changing world. Let’s take a look at how they implement innovative technologies to attract the growing demographic they have so wisely targeted.


The CityHub magic wristband

CityHub has developed a clever and innovative alternative for amenity access through technology; with a CityHub magic wristband, guests can open their own rooms with a simple tap and can even serve themselves tap beer. 

In addition to property amenities, with the property’s very own self-developed CityHub app, guests who want to discover the authentic and must-see places in their city can keep in touch with “CityHosts,” or the CityHub “concierges,” who know every single nook and cranny in their respective cities and are available 24/7 for guests. As if that didn’t make the city experience convenient enough, CityHub also offers a portable Wi-Fi device to all guests for free internet in the streets.

With impressive digital and technological advances, combined with its clever communal hotel concept, it’s only natural that CityHub has begun aiding the induction of a new and emerging market into the world of hospitality and capturing their attention and interest like none other.

Attracting the emerging generations

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Millennials and Generation Zs are influencing the hospitality industry

With the growing global population of Millennials (Generation Y) and Generation Zs, it’s now inevitable for hotels to start aiming their marketing initiatives towards their direction. Millennials now make up 23% of the world’s total population, and Generation Zs, currently the world’s largest generational group, comprise of nearly 30%

The ingenuity of CityHub’s concept is that with their technological tools and young, tech-savvy teams, it tailors exactly to what these younger and arguably more adventurous generations desire. Fulfilling their inclination towards affordable “fast travel” and being able to maintain a hostel-like sense of community presents a completely new, exciting, yet comfortable experience for them.

In addition to this, CityHub’s unique selling point of an almost completely digital experience is a paradise on earth for the modern young traveler of today - with already their comfort in navigating today’s technology and the impressive inspiration that is brought from it, millennials and Generation Zs are simply unable to resist such an innovative and modern hotel experience. CityHub has struck all the right notes in combining the fast-paced yet luxurious excitement of a stay in a poshtel, with the exhilarating and new elements from the many futuristic technological aspects found in CityHub’s properties. With their unique concepts, it’s to no surprise that younger generations have fallen head over heels for this brilliant brand.

Gaining ground with social media

CityHub Instagram profile

With CityHub’s aimed guest base of younger generations, what better way to promote their innovative hotel concept than through a few of the most popular social media platforms within that demographic? With thousands of followers from both Facebook and Instagram, the savvy hotel chain is able to stimulate engagement by posting eye-catching and immersive CityHub content. CityHub’s Instagram and Facebook pages are undoubtedly sights to behold; with a beautiful structure of images containing information, and splendid photographs of the brand’s native environments and properties, CityHub’s aesthetically-pleasing portfolio reveals its young, vibrant team and embodies the modern-style that younger generations are drawn to. 

CityHub’s “Dream Friday” deal, promoted through Instagram

On CityHub’s Instagram page, their content doesn’t just stop at the wondrous photos and informative content; the brand also promotes their inventive deals across the platform. In the image above, you can see a “Dream Friday” promo code, giving viewers the chance to submit a code and receive a discounted stay in all CityHub properties. This not only increases guest engagement within their platform, but also helps to attract a wider audience as more and more interested social media uses share their initiatives. With the rising growth of millennials and Generation Zs, using social media as an exterior promoter for any kind of hospitality property is now more important than ever.

CityHub, an emerging hotel brand integrating the concept of poshtel with today’s digital world, has broken the barriers of traditionalism and replaced it with innovation for the future. We look forward to seeing how they progress, and how other hoteliers could potentially follow in their footsteps.


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