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Poshtels: modern luxury at affordable prices

A fresh twist on the traditional backpacker experience


  14, Mar 2019

 Tags: Hotel Industry Trends

Hostels are nothing new. They have been around since 1909 when created with the aim to accommodate budget-conscious students, happy to sacrifice comfort for an undercut-rate room.

Nowadays, these properties are no longer exclusively addressed towards young travelers. As the number of budget-conscious but discerning travelers has significantly increased, an intriguing new target audience has emerged. With valuable potential bookings up for grabs, hostels are upping their game in order to capture this new slice of the market.

To meet the high expectations of this demanding new group, hostels need to offer more than dorm rooms with cramped wire-framed bunk beds, uninviting shared bathrooms and a general lack of amenities. These new adventurers expect something radically better than that, requesting good value yet sophisticated places to stay, and all at affordable prices.

Poshtels bring together what today’s travelers want: the style and comfort of a boutique hotel with the price ticket and vibe of a hostel. Mixing luxury with affordable, guests can enjoy of en-suite facilities, free wi-fi and much more.

The trend sprouted up in 2014 in Lisbon and London and it spread like wild fire throughout Europe. As time has gone by, other countries around the globe have quickly caught on to this hot idea. Posthels are usually located in urban nuclei and often occupy historical buildings with magnificently unique designs reflecting the destination, as travelers stay not only to sleep but also to be embraced by the culture of the city. Despite having fabulously upgraded facilities, prices are kept low because the properties remove the amenities and services usually found in hotels that this target audience are just not interested in. This downshifting results in lower costs and higher margins. Simple.

Incredibly, posthels are much more than nice properties at affordable prices. Unique experiences such as free guided tours, daily events or yoga classes are also on the menu. These activities not only allow travelers to bathe in local culture, but also to connect with other guests, creating a fluid experience where accommodation can be combined with social activities.

Today, we walk through some of the most surprising poshtels around the globe to find out what they have to offer guests:

Casa Gracia, Barcelona

casa-gracia-hotel-room  casa-gracia-poshtel-room

Casa Gracia rooms

Casa Gracia in Barcelona markets itself not just as a hostel, but as a meeting point for everyone, from seniors to the trendiest hipsters, including the iconic singer Mariah Carey. The property is located in Gracia, one of the city’s most artistic and hip neighborhoods, so that travelers can savor the authentic bohemian vibe while immersing themselves in the local culture.

The chicest poshtel in Barcelona offers a unique experience, inviting its guests to free yoga classes and daily events to get to know each other, activities rarely found in hotels. What’s more, the property balances comfort and style making travelers feel at home, with several common living rooms and sunny terraces where you can go to take a break from the bustling city.

Xavier Arias, General Manager at Casa Gracia, shared his view: “Casa Gracia is born from the experience of traveling to visit friends, staying at their homes and immersing in their local life. That’s what our guests are looking for when staying with us, apart from superior comfort.”

One80º Hostels, Berlin

one80-hotel-lobbyOne80º lobby

It is not surprising that the city with the best electronic music scene and clubs in the world would own a poshtel classified among the top in Europe. Located right next to Alexanderplatz, one of the liveliest spots in the city, One80º is the place to stay when visiting Berlin.

This urban-inspired property has a touch of modernist furniture that evokes the youthful spirit of the city, enhancing each guest’s stay. Travelers can take advantage of free wi-fi, comfortable beds, and even a basement nightclub for those who are not in the mood to explore the nightlife of the city. For that special Kodak moment, there is a photo booth in the lobby to take fun shots and share them with friends or (what’s more likely) post them on Instagram. In keeping with the poshtel ethos, the property also offers a wide range of free tours so that clients can bathe in the culture, history and beauty of the city.

Yim Yam Hostel & Garden, Bangkok

yim-yam-hotel-lobbyYim Yam Hostel & Garden lounge

Moving across the world to Thailand, we find a property which strives to stick to their roots. This poshtel combines artwork, fixtures and furniture from local artists, creating an environment that one would expect to see in the Bangkok of the 80s and immersing travelers in the exotic culture of the city.

A stylish lounge, a tranquil garden and spacious private rooms are just some of the unique spaces offered, reaching out to all types of voyagers and creating an oasis in the middle of the city. To enhance the guest’s stay and help boost their energy for a whole day exploring the sights and sounds of Bangkok, they can enjoy free breakfast and complementary yoga classes.

Is the poshtel trend here to stay? Let’s keep an eye open as these properties continue to pop up around the globe and see how their unexpected designs and distinctive experiences can surprise and delight us.

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