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New THN office in Singapore!

How we are responding to our growing client base

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  17, Sep 2019

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APAC countries, as members of the most densely populated region on the planet, have always recorded large growth rates across all industries. Recently, they have been witness to a vast increase in the number of foreign travellers choosing APAC as their prime destination. So large is the number that in 2017 APAC received 324 million tourist arrivals, a number close to a quarter of the world’s total. This translates to a 5.9% increase in demand from the previous year and this figure is expected to continually increase in the future. In response to this increase in tourism, hotels working within the APAC region are increasingly looking to adopt the latest technology and create more efficient solutions for their hotel website users. This is necessary if they wish to compete in an environment experiencing electric growth.

This is where we come in. Having worked now for quite some time in APAC, our team has built an extensive knowledge of its markets and of the characteristics of a successful direct booking strategy for APAC hotel brands. That being said, we are delighted to announce that in September of this year, our rapidly growing regional team is moving to a new office in Singapore’s central business district. This base will become the new hub for Asia-Pacific, and allow our staff to provide a more convenient service to our APAC clients.

We have worked closely for a long time with APAC brands like Minor Hotels, Frasers Hospitality, Dusit International and Metro Hotels to enable them to personalize their website user experience and increase direct bookings. This, paired with the recent surge in new clients, which include such brands as Next Hotels & Resorts and Memoire Hotels & Resorts, reinforced the need to expand our operations in this region.

Our team of passionate professionals ensures that, as the network of clients grows, brands will continue to experience the same high-quality service that they have become so accustomed to with THN. With the wealth of industry experience brought by the senior level recruits, we are confident to have the right team in place to understand the challenges hoteliers are facing and meet their needs in terms of optimizing online distribution. Each and every new member of staff brings us something new and different to the team, and we are very excited to see the positive effect they bring to our clients and our product in the coming months.

When commenting on the expansion, Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of the company said "APAC hotels offer guests some of the best service worldwide and THN is here to help them translate that level of quality to their online experience."

Join us and let's celebrate 

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To celebrate the new office opening, we are hosting a party for hoteliers and partners on the evening of the 26th of September. If you would like to find out more about this event or reserve a place, please click here. We look forward to celebrating in Singapore together!

One last thing, these developments come ahead of the upcoming ITB Asia event in Singapore that starts on October 16th. Our APAC team will be attending, and would be delighted to meet partners and hoteliers there to discuss your brand’s direct booking strategy and objectives for the coming year. To arrange a meeting, please contact us at

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