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The Hotels Network launches Inliners

The easiest way to personalize a website with native content 

  15, Oct 2019

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We are excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new product feature – Inliners. This technology completely transforms how marketing messages on the hotel website are managed and the way in which hotels can communicate with their online users.

As you already know, for years we’ve been helping hotel brands all around the world to personalize the website user experience. We’ve seen time and time again that by showing hyper-relevant messages at critical points throughout the booking process, brands can nudge visitors towards a booking and ultimately boost direct conversions. This latest product innovation builds on our existing tools – let’s take a closer look how.

What’s new with Inliners?


The focus of this release is to take website personalization to the next level by enabling hotel brands to embed messages directly into the page, resulting in an inline design that is intentionally more subtle. With Inliners, it is now possible for hotel brands to fully optimize their user journey strategy without interrupting the UX.

Designed to act as a discrete way of portraying important marketing messages, as opposed to more obvious formats such as Layers or Exit Intent banners, these messages will be viewed as native content. The positive impact on conversion rates will be even higher when Inliners are used in conjunction with other personalization techniques that are more prominently visible on the website.

Why is this a big deal for hotel marketers?

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 13.10.28It’s all about power! This infinitely personalizable content management system revolutionizes how to manage marketing messages on hotel brand websites. With no coding required, marketers will have total flexibility over which message to show users and how it should be displayed.

Inliners can be employed at each point of the booking funnel, from the homepage to the booking confirmation page, so as to offer a seamless website user experience throughout. Every single detail can be customized on demand to guarantee that, to visitors, the Inliner looks just like part of the website. And this is true for any device, including mobile. What’s more, hotels will be able to customize the messaging for any group of users thanks to advanced behavioral targeting.

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 12.22.18

Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network, commented, “Speaking with hoteliers around the globe, it was clear that Inliners offer something that until now was not available in the market but yet everyone was interested in. With this native content feature, we are delighted to be the first company in our space to empower our hotel clients to offer visitors a truly personalized website experience.”

To find out more about how Inliners work, or to better understand how website personalization can boost your direct conversions, contact us today.


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