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How H10 Hotels grew their marketing database by capturing first-party data

Learn more about the brand’s innovative approach to expanding their reach



  25, Apr 2024

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H10 Hotels, a prominent Spanish hotel brand, operates 66 hotels across 23 destinations in Europe and the Caribbean. Known for their commitment to high-quality service, the brand offers guests outstanding locations, specialized services, and continuously updated facilities. As part of their direct channel strategy, H10 Hotels focused on utilizing innovative digital tools to enhance their marketing efforts.

Since partnering with THN in 2016, H10 Hotels has relied on the growth platform to enhance their direct channel performance. The team decided to launch two new campaigns using THN’s Conversion and Personalization features, aimed at enhancing their newsletter subscription base and optimizing user engagement through data capture techniques.

In anticipation of their Black Friday campaign, H10 Hotels integrated Email Capture on their website, incentivizing visitors to sign up for the newsletter by communicating upcoming exclusive Black Friday offers for subscribers. This approach not only highlighted an important and persuasive reason to book direct, but also effectively gathered website visitor information, growing their marketing database for future communications.


H10 Hotels’ pre-Black Friday email capture

H10 Hotels also deployed Form Builder to further engage with their visitors. This feature was used to create a dynamic form to communicate their giveaway campaign, featuring a 5-night stay for two at one of their properties, to celebrate the launch of their newly revamped website. This form was designed to capture essential visitor information, ensuring a seamless data collection process that did not disrupt the user experience, while also celebrating a significant milestone for the brand and presenting one lucky online visitor with the chance to win the ultimate prize.


H10 Hotels' new website launch campaign with online form

Respecting the autonomy of hotels in selecting their web solutions is not just a matter of fairness but a testament to true partnership. Empowering hotels to choose the most suitable web solutions acknowledges their expertise in understanding their own customer base and business needs. This approach cultivates a collaborative environment where the shared goal is to provide exceptional customer experiences and propel business growth.

Incredible campaign results achieved

The strategic placement of these tools during critical marketing periods, such as Black Friday and the website relaunch, resulted in a significant increase in customer interaction. This approach not only piqued user interest but also led to the collection of over 31,000 emails between the two campaigns, substantially expanding their marketing database and setting a solid foundation for future bookings.


The versatility and ease of integration of THN’s tools enabled H10 Hotels to create tailored marketing messages that resonated deeply with their audience, aligning perfectly with the brand's identity. This strategic application showcases how well-planned incentives can effectively transform website visitors into engaged potential customers, contributing to the brand’s growth.

Want to discover more about how H10 Hotels enhanced their marketing database? Check out the full case study and discover how you can apply similar strategies to boost your hotel's marketing efforts. 

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