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3 hotel brands getting social distancing right

Finding the balance between hospitality and space

Social distancing blog cover


  30, Jun 2020

 Tags: Hotel Stories Hotel Creativity

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, after weeks and months of staying at home and self-isolating, we are all yearning for a well-deserved getaway to recover, relax and re-energize. This said, as hotels begin to reopen amid loosening restrictions, many travelers may still be weary about embarking on their holidays while trying to stay safe.

Social distancing is now not only a recommendation, but an obligation for the vast majority of hotels across the globe. Coping with the latest requirements and policies is not an easy ask for hotels, where guest interaction and service is key to the experience they offer.

Unforeseen times call for unforeseen measures. Today, hoteliers are searching for ways in which they can embrace social distancing, without taking out the fun. As countless hotel brands struggle to find the right balance between complying with safety regulations and providing the warm service guests seek, some have emerged with creative out-of-the-box ideas to reinvent the hotel experience amid this new context. Here are 3 hotels who didn’t let social distancing measures get in their way:

Window concerts – live from a distance

Window Concert

Courtyard concert at Zeitgeist Vienna

One of the activities we might be missing the most would likely be attending live concerts and music festivals, drinks in hand, creating memories with friends. Zeitgeist Vienna, a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city of music, saw the opportunity to let guests to listen to live music again while supporting local artists. Turning their central courtyard into an outdoor concert hall, guests were able to enjoy an evening of classical music from their room-opera-boxes – socially distant and virus-free. Completed with room service and the option to stay overnight to be greeted with breakfast in the morning, Zeitgeist Vienna’s clever transformation proved to be a hit with guests.

Smart Note promoting the concert on the website

Targeted to locals only, the event was promoted throughout their hotel website using personalization techniques such as Smart Notes. The idea proved so popular that they sold out in only 3 days! The hotel hosted a second edition in June with an R’n’B, Soul and Pop band and are looking forward to welcoming guests for an acoustic blues concert in July.

In-room breakfast at your door


Feel Safe at NH initiative

Restaurants may not be able to open to full capacity just yet, but NH Hotel Group made sure that their guests could still enjoy breakfast in bed in an amusing and safe manner. Taking to Twitter, using their #FeelSafeAtNH hashtag, the brand shared photos of their NH in-room breakfast service. With the NH breakfast service, guests can receive a curated breakfast with the option to customize “à la carte” sent directly to their rooms or as takeaway. What better way to enjoy a picnic-like breakfast in bed, contactless and worry free! As travelers are looking to hotels who have put in mindful (and instagrammable) safety measures, by sharing their efforts on social media, NH Hotel Group was able to create a buzz and grow their social media audience thanks to their Feel Safe at NH initiative.

Time to get out of the house – the ultimate night out

Zoku Better Together Event Series

Not known for sticking to the traditional hotel concept, even within the current circumstances, Zoku, one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world, hasn’t failed to impress their guests. Hosting the Zoku Better Together Event Series the ultimate Zoku date night and in collaboration with Michelin Star chef Joris Bijdendijk, Executive Chef of RIJKS®, guests are able to live an exclusive in-house interactive dining experience.

The night kicks-off with a welcome cocktail, followed by a 4-course dinner in one of Zoku’s lofts, an interactive virtual experience with the chef and other event attendees, then after dinner drinks, an overnight stay and breakfast to finish. With this sensory-packed escape, guests were able to enjoy a night of (socially distant) fun, company, exquisite food and entertainment. Talk about an ideal staycation!


The new normal may seem limiting to many but despite the struggles, there are also interesting chances to seize during these times. In the thick of the recovery, hotels who are reopening will have to incorporate new safety measures into their operations and services. Not to be held back by old habits, it is opportune for hotels to head off the beaten track, find ways to turn the tables and surprise guests with original ideas.

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