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Destination & Hotel Direct Channel Market Data in Italy: Summer 2022 Report

Identifying summer market opportunities to boost direct channel performance and destination awareness


At THN, we have partnered with The Data Appeal Company to bring you the latest hospitality and tourism trends in Italy so that hoteliers and destination operators understand the current market situation and identify summer market opportunities to boost direct channel performance and destination awareness

The study provides an in-depth analysis of summer 2022 tourism in Italy, including the top travel trends and hotel opportunities for the second half of 2022

With an extensive focus on direct hotel bookings and travel demand for the Italian hospitality industry, this content piece enables tourism destinations and hoteliers to strategize campaigns and investments accordingly. 

The data has been extracted by combining BenchDirect Destinations by THN – the first benchmarking product for destinations that analyzes hotel direct booking data from 14,000+ accommodation properties across the globe – with Data Appeal Studio – an all-in-one territory analysis platform that enables destination, tourism and hospitality operations to analyze, evaluate and benchmark the traveler journey and their destination.

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Key findings:

  • Italian travel demand is on the rise. Hotel website searches are increasing significantly. Over 3,000 direct booking searches were made on THN’s hotel clients' websites during the period of 29 May - 28 June 2022, a 9.1% increase from the previous 30-day period (28 April - 28 May 2022). US travelers prefer to visit top cities, like Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan (45%), while Germans favor seaside (14.6%) and lake destinations (10.5%). French tourists mostly travel to visit historical cities (35%) and the beach (21%).

  • Italian cities stay top of mind destinations. Travelers who choose Italy for their summer vacation usually favor seaside and mountain destinations. However, in the last month, a large majority of tourism relates to cities of art and culture (32%), followed by seaside destinations (16%).

  • Mobile is the favorite device for searching a stay, desktop for booking. Mobile visitors reclaimed the majority of website traffic, reaching 54.3% in the period of 29 May – 28 June 2022, while desktop users continue to be the leader in terms of converting traffic to direct bookings, representing 66.4% of the bookings made during the same period. With mobile users converting at lower rates than desktop visitors, this data showcases the chance Italian hoteliers have to convert their increased number of mobile website visitors into bookers.

Click here to download the free full report, with tips for hoteliers and destination managers to capitalize on the Italian market opportunities for this summer 2022.

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