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The Hotels Network Launches Hotelier Rates, Making Hotel Employee Rates Available to Every Hotelier in the World

A brand-new industry initiative that is a win-win for both hotel brands and their employees.



  11, Apr 2022

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The Hotels Network (THN) has announced the launch of Hotelier Rates, the first global network of hotels providing their best deals to other hoteliers. This exciting initiative provides a welcome boost to the industry by offering hotel brands a new channel to bolster their direct bookings while granting hotel employees access to exclusive industry rates across a global network of hotels. What’s more, participating in the program is completely free of charge, with no hidden costs.

The company’s goal is, and always has been, to create a network of hotels and hoteliers that can learn from one another, grow within the network, and collectively be more efficient and profitable as a result. Leveraging the power of the network effect, Hotelier Rates was born out of the simple idea of making travel more accessible for hotel employees while staying true to THN’s core mission of helping brands to grow their direct channel.

How does Hotelier Rates Work? 

The concept itself is very straightforward. Hotelier Rates is intended to simply be an online platform to connect hotel brands with other industry personnel and facilitate the sharing of hotelier-to-hotelier rates across a worldwide network of members. Unlike an OTA, the bookings are not made on the Hotelier Rates platform. It’s all about direct bookings and driving traffic to the hotel’s website. The setup is also extremely quick and easy:


For Hotels: 

  • A hotel creates an account for free and completes their profile on Hotelier Rates, including an exclusive industry rate for other hotel employees.

  • The offer is then visible to logged-in members only and includes a link to the hotel’s website so that guests can make a booking directly with the hotel.

  • These bookings generate additional direct revenue for the hotel, with no fees and no commissions.

For Hotel Professionals: 

  • A hotelier registers as a member for free using their work email address.

  • When logged-in, members can browse the other hotel offers in the network and take advantage of these discounts when traveling.

  • Once again, there is no subscription fee or commissions to pay.


“It’s common practice for hoteliers to ask other hoteliers for special rates at their hotel. Thanks to Hotelier Rates, there is now a platform to make this process faster and easier while giving hotel brands a shop window to reach a much wider audience.” commented Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network.”With our existing network of over 14,000 hotels worldwide, we saw this as a unique opportunity to not only provide an additional level of service to our hotel clients, but also lead by example and help to drive the industry’s recovery from the inside out.”

Interested in promoting your hotel brand on the platform or joining as a member to unlock exclusive industry rates? Sign up today on Hotelier Rates or contact the team at for more details.


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