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THN's Hotel Website Optimization and A/B Testing - A Smart Alternative to Google Optimize

Don't let the absence of Google Optimize hinder your hotel's website optimization

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Over the past years, Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 have been widely used in the hospitality industry by brands looking to optimize their website performance. The recent announcement from the global giant that Google Optimize will no longer be available after 30th September 2023 has left many hotel marketers searching for an alternative. The good news is that there are other companies offering A/B testing and optimization solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of hotel brands. In this post, we will explore how The Hotels Network’s platform lets you continue to track, test and optimize every step of your online booking funnel to boost your bottom line.

Create your own experiments

Multivariate and A/B testing are highly effective ways to identify what works best for your audience and make informed decisions based on data to optimize your hotel’s website performance. Using THN’s experiments, hoteliers can easily launch integrated website campaigns with multiple personalized messages and test different elements such as content, format, and offers to gauge how visitors react. This enables quick and efficient testing, making it possible to see the impact of any changes made in real time. 

The best part? No coding skills are required to set up an experiment, and it can be up and running in minutes. By testing multiple variations simultaneously, hoteliers can discover the winning combination faster and start generating more direct revenue.


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Test different messages for each target audience

To increase the chances of converting website visitors into hotel guests, it's important to show them content and offers that are most relevant to their interests and preferences. The extensive targeting options available within THN’s platform enable you to segment users so you can personalize their website experience while testing different approaches to maximize engagement and bookings.

Hoteliers can segment users based on a variety of factors, including their location, device, or even the time of day they are searching. This means, for example, that promotions and offers can be tailored to specific regions and displayed in a way that is most likely to catch the attention of those website visitors. 

Additionally, users can be targeted based on their behavior during their online journey, such as when they've browsed for rooms in the booking engine but haven't completed a reservation. In these instances, special offers can be shown to incentivize them to complete the booking or provide their contact details for future communication. 

By testing different messages to see what appeals to each target audience, hoteliers can fine-tune every step of the booking process and improve the chances of converting website visitors into loyal hotel guests.


Exit message encouraging users to stay on the website

Exit message encouraging users to stay on the website

While the discontinuation of Google Optimize & Optimize 360 might have caused concern for hotel marketers, it doesn't mean that a hotel brand’s direct channel performance must be compromised. By utilizing A/B testing and targeting capabilities, you can continue to engage with your audience through personalized communication and improve your website’s performance.

Don’t miss a beat on the journey to an enhanced and personalized direct channel strategy and start tracking, testing, analyzing, and optimizing today.


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