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Maximizing Your Hotel's Easter Potential

Create engaging Easter promotions and deliver an egg-cellent personalized website user journey



  31, Mar 2023

 Tags: Hotel Marketing Creativity Best Practices

As the Easter holiday approaches, many hotels are preparing for an influx of guests. This presents an exciting opportunity for hotels to make the most of the upcoming holiday travel and increase their direct bookings. 

Read on to explore four ways hotels can leverage the holiday to craft creative campaigns and boost their direct channel performance.


1. Offer Easter-themed packages and promotions

One way hotels can attract guests during the Easter holidays is by offering Easter-themed packages and promotions. This can include special room rates, complimentary Easter baskets, or Easter egg hunts for children. By offering unique experiences for guests, hotels can differentiate themselves from competitors and entice travelers to book directly with them. A festive and personalized message can help hotels promote these packages and promotions to their customers searching within the specified dates to guarantee Easter travelers are made aware of the campaign.


Inliner promoting an Easter package on the booking engine based on search dates


2. Highlight local Easter events and activities

Another way hotels can attract guests is by highlighting local events and activities dedicated to the holiday. This can include Easter markets, egg hunts, or religious ceremonies. By showcasing these local events, hotels can position themselves as a resource for travelers and encourage meaningful interactions between their guests and the surrounding community.

Based on visitor behavior, THN’s features allow hotels to automatically display a targeted message based on their preferences and interests, making each user's journey more relevant.


Message promoting discounted spa treatment and excursions in the area


3. Use social media to promote Easter activities

Social media is a powerful tool for hotels to promote their Easter activities and engage with potential guests. Hotels can use social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok to showcase photos and videos of their Easter-themed decor, events, and activities. These platforms also allow the chance to interact with guests, answer questions, and address concerns. Showcasing a welcome message to greet users navigating to the hotel website from social media can help brands engage with a wider audience through their Easter promotions. As web traffic increases on a hotel's direct channel, so do the conversion opportunities!


Welcome message displayed to website visitors coming from social media


4. Create a sense of urgency

Another effective way to encourage guests to book directly with hotels is by creating a sense of urgency. This can be done by offering limited-time promotions, such as discounts or exclusive packages that are only available for a specific period. By creating a sense of urgency, hotels can motivate guests to book sooner rather than later, increasing their direct bookings and revenue.

For example, hotels can display personalized messages to guests who have shown interest in booking during Easter weekend but have not yet completed their reservation, offering them an exclusive discount that is only available for a limited time. In addition, hotels can use scarcity tactics, such as displaying the number of rooms or packages remaining, to encourage guests to book before they miss out. This can help motivate guests to book immediately, increasing the direct revenue for the hotel.


Offer displaying a countdown clock creates a sense of urgency

The Easter holiday presents a unique opportunity for your hotel to increase your direct bookings and capitalize on local tourism. By offering Easter-themed packages and promotions, highlighting local events and activities, using social media to promote your offerings and creating a sense of urgency, you can differentiate your property from competitors and attract more guests on your direct channel. Personalization features can help you make the most of these strategies to communicate festivities and increase your direct conversion rate. 

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