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The Hotels Network Integrates with Every CRM via API to Boost Hotel Direct Channel Performance

Hoteliers can now capture and leverage first-party data to offer guests personalized experiences



The Hotels Network is helping brands boost their direct revenue by integrating easily with every CRM provider using an open API. By facilitating the two-way flow of information in this way, hoteliers are now able to capitalize on guest data to enhance their direct channel strategies. This includes utilizing insights and data of not only guests who have already stayed at their properties, but their website visitors as well. 

The API integration is simple, with CRM data flowing two ways:

  • First-party data, collected on the hotel website via forms, flows to the hotel’s CRM system. 
  • Existing data in the hotel’s CRM system is used to apply targeting rules and launch personalized campaigns on the hotel’s website.

With Google’s impending removal of the third-party cookie approaching by 2024, it’s now more important than ever for hoteliers to have a strategy in place for collecting first-party data to be able to communicate and build relationships with future guests. Through THN’s Saved Search, Email Capture, and Form Builder features, hoteliers can collect GDPR-compliant website visitor email addresses and other relevant information to turn anonymous users into valuable leads. The customized fields provide contact details that will grow a hotel’s marketing database, sent to their CRM via API, and presents the opportunity to engage with potential customers. 

Data also flows in the other direction, from the hotel’s CRM system to their website. Hoteliers can apply advanced targeting rules based on user profile data, or any relevant information stored in the hotel’s data layer, to create a personalized website experience. Typical examples would be to customize website messaging based on age, gender, interests, loyalty membership level or average booking value. Hotels can combine CRM targeting rules with any of THN's behavioral targeting options such as booking dates or length of stay. Thanks to this unique combination, website visitors can now be shown hyper-relevant messages at critical points throughout the booking funnel, helping to nudge them towards a reservation and ultimately boost direct conversions.

An API-first world gives hoteliers maximum flexibility and power, automating the CRM integration process to reduce tedious, time-consuming tasks and allowing teams to focus more on crafting the right message to engage with the guests in their database and increase direct channel revenue. Juanjo Rodriguez, founder of The Hotels Network, commented, “The future of technology is open, connected, and API-based. With this efficient two-way flow of information, hotel brands can utilize the first-party data they collect to personalize every step of the user journey.”

Visit THN’s website today to learn more and begin boosting your hotel’s direct channel performance using guest data and personalization.

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