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The Hotels Network Makes Donations to 3 Hospitality Charities

 Giving back to our industry together with our 2021 holiday initiative



  24, Jan 2022

 Tags: Insider Hotel THN News

Did you hear about our 2021 holiday initiative? Let us fill you in! 

To support the continued recovery and sustainable growth of the hospitality industry, during the most wonderful time of the year we launched our 30 seconds. 100 dollars. You choose.  We give back campaign.

The concept was very simple. Hoteliers had the opportunity to just give a little bit of their time and in return, The Hotels Network made a donation to their chosen charity. It was a win-win situation for everyone. 

So, how did it work? Well, we simply donated $100 for any THN product demo happening during the holiday period, either coming from a client referral or an intrigued hotelier, letting them choose between three hospitality charities: Green Destinations, the Above and Beyond Foundation and the HSMAI Foundation.

At The Hotels Network, we want all hoteliers to become better at optimizing and managing their direct channel. With our hotel clients seeing an average uplift of 32% in website conversions, we believe that by taking the time to explain to other hoteliers how we can help achieve these remarkable results, more hotels around the world can benefit too. And our 2021 holiday initiative enabled us to do just that, while giving a little something back to the community.  

We would like to thank all the hoteliers who gave their time to take part in this initiative. Through everyone's participation, The Hotels Network was able to donate a total amount of $4,400 to the chosen hospitality charities: $1,000 to Green Destinations, $1,300 to the Above and Beyond Foundation and $2,100 to the HSMAI Foundation. We are confident that these funds will be put to the best use possible in supporting the excellent work of these wonderful associations. 

For the whole THN team, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to get involved in this inspiring campaign, which is all thanks to your help. In line with our mission, we will continue to do everything we can to support the hospitality industry. Other similar initiatives are soon to be announced so don’t worry if you did not get the chance to participate in this one, you will be able to join our next campaigns! 


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