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How Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Rock & Rolled an Effective Hotel Voucher Strategy

How a Maldivian Hotel bounced back using THN Vouchers & Gift Cards


  30, Oct 2020

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Amidst today’s situation, hotels need to find new and creative ways to encourage reservations. Dealing with skeptical travelers and managing re-openings after months of closure is a completely new setting for many hotels, and trying to capitalize on new ideas to attract potential guests has become more important than ever. Seducing guests on the hotel website through vouchers and gift cards is becoming a reality for many, and some hotels are hitting the perfect notes in creating clever deals that re-spark the interest of their future guests.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, an elegant Maldivian resort-feel hotel merged with the nuances of the Hard Rock music culture, understands the importance of retaining loyal customers and engaging with potential new guests. By offering tempting and flexible deals on their website, the brand is able to effectively win over visitors during these times. “Guests always visit the website at least once, no matter where they decide to book,” says Phromporn Sumatepimolchai, cluster E-commerce manager of SAii Lagoon Maldives and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. “This is the most important touch point where we need to grab their attention and inform them about what we have to offer.” 

Since their reopening from their months-long closure due to COVID-19, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is back on the rebound. For this property, being located in an island country with a specific niche market towards tourism, retaining and gaining potential guests through voucher sales have proven to be especially effective. Once again, with their out of the common approaches, they have found a perfect way to garner the visitor’s attention.

In June 2020, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives decided to partner with The Hotels Network (THN) to take their hotel website experience to the next level. After THN’s Vouchers & Gift Cards product launch, the brand was able to explore a new way to attract post COVID-19 guests, as this tool removed any uncertainty potential guests may have had around dates and encouraged immediate reservations.

Implementation & Voucher Strategy

Incorporating THN’s Vouchers & Gift Cards was incredibly fast and simple. The Hard Rock Hotel Maldives team worked closely with the THN Client Success Specialist to build a strong and successful voucher strategy that boosts website conversions.

The property launched a “Stay 3 Pay 2” voucher offer with the aim of providing guests the flexibility they look for when booking. By purchasing the voucher today, guests can enjoy a 3 night stay for the price of 2 until October 2021. Guests can decide between 5 different voucher options based on room category, all with an exclusive discounted rate and a free stay for children under 18 years old. 

Once the product was set, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives effectively communicated the offer across their website. Additionally, the property promoted their initiative heavily across their social media platforms to further drive traffic to their vouchers page, reaching to loyal customers and other social media users.

"With the market uncertainty that COVID has brought along, we knew that the only thing that would work is to offer ‘flexibility’ to guests. So the concept of ‘buy now, book later’ is exactly what we need and that’s where the THN voucher tool comes in very handy."

Sumatepimolchai Phromporn – Cluster E-commerce Manager SAii Lagoon Maldives | Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Welcome Layer with Countdown Clock


Welcome Layer with Countdown Clock taking visitors to the Offers page

A welcome layer was set on the hotel’s homepage to let visitors know about the exclusive voucher deal. By adding a countdown clock, the brand is able to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to book if they don’t want to miss out on this incredible deal. 

With a clear call-to-action placed below the offer, users are taken to the Offers page, where the voucher’s Terms and Conditions are communicated.

Hotel voucher on Offers page

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives “Stay 3 Pay 2” Voucher

To ensure visitors could purchase the exclusive “Stay 3 Pay 2” voucher directly on their website, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives used THN’s new Vouchers & Gift Cards tool

Displayed on a dedicated landing page which highlights the voucher details, the brand ensures all visitors know about this exclusive deal before purchasing it. With a simple three-step process, visitors can decide which package they want, and are able to purchase it in a fast and secure way.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives voucher performance

After just a few months of launching the “Stay 3 Pay 2” voucher (from 1st June to 16th October 2020), Hard Rock Hotel Maldives was able to generate $46,050 of revenue from 43 vouchers.

Key Findings

Don’t underestimate the power of voucher deals and gift cards, especially during the current fluctuating times of our industry. Be sure to come up with innovative ways that will strike a chord with your potential guests. And don’t forget to communicate it across your website! 

To find out more about how voucher sales and promotion can increase your direct bookings and revenue, be sure to download the full case study

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