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Digital Nomads at Hotels: Here to Stay or a Passing Trend?

Gone are the days of sitting at your home office from 9 to 5

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WFH. Work From Home. The latest term that has circled the globe…

With the exponential growth of remote working, many people have started to reconsider what it truly means to work remotely, this mindset shift has brought the boost of the digital nomadic lifestyle. A Digital Nomad is someone who works remotely from different locations while travelling the world. Relying on stable WiFi and their personal devices to work from coffee shops, co-working spaces or libraries, the intrigue of this style of working has captured the attention of people everywhere. 

With the itch to travel stronger than ever before and more people open to embracing new ways of life, digital nomads are the latest addition to the changing workplace trends. Although changes to remote working environments have already started, for instance with Citizen M’s Corporate Subscription and Global Passport's, everything indicates that the digital nomad lifestyle is here to stay, and as a hotelier, this trend presents a substantial new opportunity.

Curious how you can prepare your hotel to suit the needs of these atypical travellers, and capitalize on this new and growing audience? Read on to discover how these trendy hotels are leading the way in attracting new guests by tailoring their offers and services for digital nomadic living. 

1. Marvie Hotel, Split Croatia

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Working with a view at the Marvie Hotel

Who wouldn’t want to take their morning Zoom calls overlooking the gorgeous Adriatic Sea? We know we would! 

The Marvie Hotel, a 4-star hotel in the heart of Split is taking full advantage of their idyllic location to entice digital nomads from around the globe. Although appearing at first glance to be a typical leisure hotel, The Marvie has plenty of enticing features to capture the attention of visitors working remotely: gorgeous ocean view rooms, co-working spaces with reliable Wi-Fi, a trendy gluten-free restaurant and a wellness centre. 

To convince more digital nomads to book a stay with them, The Marvie has fashioned a special direct booking offer designed for longer stays. Offering 50% discount on room stays over 28-days, unlimited use of the wellness centre, rooftop pool, gym and co-working space, this package is the perfect option for any nomadic worker who wants to take advantage of this amazing lifestyle opportunity. By promoting this deal on the hotel website, the property is not only able to capture long-stay guests but also boost its direct bookings! 

2. Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, USA

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 13.24.45

The interior of a bedroom at the Hotel Zetta

On the other side of the Atlantic, Hotel Zetta has been pegged as a digital nomad hub. This centrally located hotel in the centre of San Francisco has long been an attraction for this growing new audience, positioning itself as a leader in the nomadic traveller space. 

With rooms perfectly designed for work and leisure, the hotel is a front runner when it comes to attracting savvy travellers, culture seekers, and those looking for a relaxing retreat to escape to while working. To entice these guests the hotel offers a special “Zetta Zen Work and Play” deal that provides everything anyone would need to turn their hotel room into a temporary home. The rooms are fully loaded with customizable workspaces, fast Wi-Fi (of course!), a Smart TV, VR headsets, a Nintendo gaming system, an Alexa voice assistant and an in-room coffee machine. The Zetta Suites also offers a dining table for 4 as well as a wet bar with a sink, giving you very little reason to step foot out of your room. 

To complete the experience, the hotel offers several unique restaurants, a communal Playroom to attract the “work hard, play hard” vibe fully loaded with board games, shuffleboard and much more. As well as in-room dining options, catering to those with tight work deadlines who maybe don’t have time to take a long break for dinner. As if that wasn’t enough reason to stay, the hotel offers guests the chance to make use of the trendy Peloton workout bikes in their wellness centre. As they say, a fit body makes a fit mind!

3. The Sheung Wan by Ovolo, Hong Kong 

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 13.25.30

Co-working space at the Sheung Wan hotel 

Next up is The Sheung Wan by Ovolo. This trendy boutique hotel is located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Sheung Wan. This hotel is yet another example of the shift from working from home to remote work in a more desirable location. The property offers studios or lofts with ample room to turn them into a temporary apartment as well as an in-house Mexican inspired restaurant, ready to keep your stomach happy during your stay. 

To encourage digital nomads to stay at the hotel, Sheung Wan has created their own spin on the WFH acronym advertising their long-stay specials as #workfromhotel. Promoting their hotel as an office space away from home, the brand promises visitors a break from their usual daily routine. The package offers reliable Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and 20% of all F&B giving guests the ideal place to be productive during the day and to grab their after-work drinks all in one place! 

These three hotels are just some of the many examples out there of brands who have invested in targeting this new segment that is opening up thanks to the global market shift to remote working. We think that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and so catering to those travellers with a keen interest in being able to relax while working from your property will be a great way to boost reservations at your hotel and keep occupancy levels healthy. And remember, be sure to promote these tailored packages on your hotel website to make sure you give your direct channel that extra boost!

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