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CRM Targeting: Taking Hotel Website Personalization to the Next Level

Transforming how hotel brands can tailor marketing messages on their websites


  15, Oct 2020

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We at The Hotels Network (THN) are proud to announce our latest product development: CRM Targeting, focused on enabling hotel brands to apply advanced targeting rules based on user profile data to create a totally personalized website experience.

For the first time ever, hotel marketers can now use everything they know about their guests to enhance the online booking journey. What’s more, hotels can combine CRM Targeting rules with any of THN’s existing behavioral targeting options such as booking dates or length of stay. Thanks to this powerful combination, website visitors can now be shown hyper-relevant messages at critical points throughout the booking funnel, helping to nudge them towards a reservation and ultimately boost direct conversions.

CRM-targeting-blog-0Combining CRM Data with Behavioral data

How does CRM Targeting work?

A data layer, which technically speaking is a Javascript object, allows you to process and pass data about website users to other applications. With CRM Targeting, hotels can use any relevant information stored as key values in the data layer to segment visitors. Using effective website personalization techniques, hotels can then deliver an optimal digital experience to each individual user, giving rise to remarkable results.

CRM Targeting CriteriaCRM Targeting Criteria

Your opportunities with CRM Targeting are endless. An obvious use case is to customize website messaging based on loyalty program information stored in the data layer such as membership level, gender, age, interests or average booking value. Imagine a visitor arriving on your hotel website and seeing an exclusive deal reserved for Silver club members, who have used spa facilities during a previous stay, and which is only available on the specific last-minute dates they are searching for. Highly tempting!

Juanjo Rodriguez, our founder and CEO at The Hotels Network, commented, “We are delighted to be the first company in our space to empower hoteliers to leverage the information stored in their CRM in this way. Today more than ever, hotel brands understand the importance of winning back their fair share of direct bookings. With CRM Targeting, we are giving hotel marketers the flexibility to show users highly targeted dynamic content to create an engaging direct booking experience that drives growth through higher conversion rates and higher ADR."

Our mission with CRM Targeting is to help you bring your direct bookings and ADR to the next level. Request a meeting with one of our experts to discover how you can benefit from our latest product innovation.


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