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The Hotels Network Releases a New Edition of BenchDirect, Taking Hotel Benchmarking to the Next Level

The industry’s first direct channel benchmarking platform just got an upgrade, now offering hoteliers exciting new capabilities and competitive insightsBD_Premium_Linkedin

  28, Jun 2022

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Following the successful launch of BenchDirect, The Hotels Network (THN), a full-stack direct growth platform for hotels, has announced the release of new Pro Editions of its pioneering benchmarking platform. A natural extension of the original BenchDirect tool, these latest innovations provide unparalleled competitive insights, empowering hotel brands to step up their direct channel strategy to maximize revenue.

The uptake of BenchDirect since its unveiling in 2021 has been phenomenal, with more than 14,000 hotels around the globe coming together as a unique network to learn from each other and make better-informed decisions. When benchdirecting, users are able to analyze their hotels’ website performance across more than 30 direct channel metrics, comparing results to similar hotels nearby, other hotels within their brand and even THN’s global network of hotels. Today, BenchDirect Pro lets hoteliers enter a new realm.

What can hotel brands expect from the new release?

With this release, hoteliers can now monitor their direct channel evolution throughout any period of time, accessing unlimited browsing and stay dates. New features, analytics and drill-down filters include:

  • Custom compsets: Users can now handpick a selection of hotels from anywhere in the world to aggregate into personalized compsets for each of their properties. What’s more, with Custom Destination compsets, hotel brands can compare their performance on a city, region or country level to identify opportunities for growth based on trends in different destinations.
  • Analysis by cluster: For hoteliers managing many properties, or different brands, BenchDirect Pro simplifies the process and provides relevant at-a-glance insights by allowing properties to be grouped by brand or similar variables in clusters. 
  • Advanced interactive graphics and filters: To ensure no insight is going unanalyzed, users can view a series of new default charts or even mix and match direct channel metrics to build their own charts. With the new Calendar view, hoteliers also have a highly visual way to look at the daily evolution of website metrics, making it easy to pinpoint the days where they can have the most impact on their website visitors. 
  • API access: To wrap it all up, BenchDirect Pro connects easily via API for hoteliers to download, treat, and manage all of their newfound data as they choose. 

An exciting step forward, BenchDirect Pro is giving hoteliers a 360°understanding of their direct channel performance to be able to take relevant action, on both a strategic and tactical level, across their marketing and revenue management activities. 

THN founder, Juanjo Rodriguez, commented on the natural evolution of the BenchDirect product, “By listening to our hotel clients' needs, we have amplified our product to deliver a tool that will improve efficiency and help solve their challenges related to a healthy distribution mix. Once again, we are leveraging our unique understanding of user behavior across our hotel network to offer our clients something completely new, ultimately putting the power back into their hands to boost their direct channel.” 

You can visit THN’s website today to begin your benchmarking journey towards direct channel growth by requesting the free version of BenchDirect or choosing to upgrade to the new Pro Editions

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