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The Hotels Network Launches Its New Benchmarking Platform for Dmos: Benchdirect Destinations

Competitive insights enabling tourism organizations to make better-informed decisions that drive growth for the destination and its hotel partners.



  08, Mar 2022

 Tags: THN News Benchmarking Destination Marketing

Following the successful launch in March 2021 of its revolutionary benchmarking product for hotels (BenchDirect), The Hotels Network is now launching a new benchmarking platform for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs): BenchDirect Destinations. Thanks to the unique global travel behavior data available within BenchDirect Destinations, for the first time tourism marketers and destination managers will be able to compare their performance to competing destinations across a wide variety of key hospitality metrics.

A powerful analytics tool to grow your destination's market share


The idea behind BenchDirect Destinations is to provide DMOs with real-time insights around visitor behavior such as travel demand, hotel reservations and search attributes of their destination so they can benchmark their performance and identify opportunities for growth.

Until now, tourism organizations only had access to data related to the arrival of tourists, entry points and flight information; in other words partial data providing a final "photo" of what happened, but without being able to shed light on the traveler behind the data. With BenchDirect Destinations, DMOs will now be able to analyze the entire online journey, helping to understand the how and why of these results. What's more, with the option to filter the data by multiple variables, they will be able to drill down on the insights to pinpoint exactly where to take action and have the biggest impact on results.

By utilizing the learnings from BenchDirect to empower change, DMOs will be able to:

  • Leverage points of differentiation in PR and marketing campaigns to attract more visitors
  • Detect untapped business opportunities
  • Provide stakeholders with reports highlighting performance results and market trends 
  • Offer all hotels in their destination valuable benchmarking insights to help maximize revenue

A natural and necessary step

“BenchDirect Destinations is a natural next step for our company.” commented Juanjo Rodríguez, founder of The Hotels Network. “After seeing how BenchDirect data is helping thousands of hoteliers around the world to understand and overcome current challenges, it is necessary to offer this service to destinations too, as they are instrumental in the recovery of our industry. THN is already leading innovation in hotel technology and this is a further step in our mission to become a key player in the global tourism ecosystem."

BenchDirect Destinations is currently available globally, on a city, regional or country level. DMOs can contact the THN team today to see how their destination stacks up against the competition and understand how these unique benchmarking insights can help them gain a real competitive advantage.


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