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How Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Generated a Significant Increase in Website Con...

     09, Sep 2021

DACH Hotel Direct Channel Trends in 2021

     07, Sep 2021

Our New Global Hotel Direct Channel Report Indicates Positive Signs of Industry ...

     13, Aug 2021

An Introduction to Hotel Benchmarking

     20, Jul 2021

Our Favorite Ingredients of the Recipe for Direct Booking Success

     12, Jul 2021

Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot at a Luxury Hotel in Paris

     01, Jul 2021

Creative Hotel Campaigns to Capture your Domestic Market

     23, Jun 2021

An Employee Experience Integrated Into Our Company's Essence

     21, Jun 2021

Phuket’s Sandbox Campaign

     15, Jun 2021

Coffee Catchup with Penta Hotels

     08, Jun 2021

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